At the very least, you know I like beer!

I like beer, I like drinking beer, and I like rating beer -especially a good beer buzz. That much you probably know by now. But I'm also a happily married man raising three intense children in the beautiful Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. Many know me as wild and downright strange, and they're all right. Luckily, I found a special lady that knows me well, and is pretty nuts herself!

On my 34th birthday my wife allowed me to take a weekend off on my own and ride into the mountains of Pennsylvania for a little joy and relaxation. Bernadette is pretty amazing that way, but we have a rule that my free weekends can’t involve hookers, gay stuff or strippers, as well as an unspoken understanding that I’m not allowed to get hooked on crack, smack, pills or meth; otherwise anything goes.

Though I hadn’t planned on if for long, I had visions of eating mescaline, riding motorcycles and shooting guns. The mescaline and motorcycle license were improbable goals on 48 hours notice, but I did end up at the Sunset Hill Shooting Range on my first stop; one out of three ain’t bad! .308 Sniper Rifle I explained to my guide that I have never held a gun before, but was interested in starting off with the .308 sniper rifle – a kickass bad boy with large rounds and monstrous recoil. He laughed and answered, “That’s a good way to get your blood pumping.”

Looking through the sniper, I lowered the rate of my heart and breath, concentrated on the objective, and after several moments of deep meditation, released a round that masterfully connected with its destiny.

The rush hugged my temples like the oncoming euphoria of the male orgasm. I continued my thrills with an AK-47, an AR-15 with grenade launcher, a 12 gage Defender shotgun, a 9mm Glock, 9mm H&K USP and finishing off the adventure with a Dirty Harry style .44 Magnum Revolver. The paper targets were to come with me; an evidence of my masterful skill and established conquer.

Afterwards, I went to Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville, and ordered one of my favorite beers, Antler Brown Ale, as I awaited my Angus steak burger. While enjoying my brew, I thought about how some specific aspects of my life were making my personal human experience difficult and challenging my personal happiness.

In direct contrast to those thoughts, I was catching a sweet buzz and genuinely enjoying myself. I began to think, “This is working; this weekend is working. It’s kicking in!”

After a hike up Big Pocono Mountain for some soul cleansing and a visit to an Art opening in Stroudsburg, I took a 30 minute scenic drive to my hotel. That evening I had a personal taste test event that included Ommegang Abbey Ale, Otter Creek White Sail, and Leffe Blonde Ale with Barcelo Anejo Rum in between to cleanse the palate.

White Sail was the best tasting beer of the event, but in the end I was the real winner!

Otter Creek White Sail

That weekend was meaningful to me in more ways than it was relaxing. The difficulties and challenges of my present reminded me of the problems that I faced and overcame just eight years earlier. The life I lead now and the man I have become are both infinitely more rich and satisfying than that younger man – though the difficulties I face now are greater and are holding a grip on me that will last yet another eight years. But ultimately, these life challenges will endow me with great spiritual reward.

In accompaniment of fulfilling my providence, I possessed a newfound goal of powerfully harnessing the joy of living. More specifically, I destined to gain happiness through both a deeper definition of my true self character as well as the selfish pursuit of all things pleasurable.

Arriving at that epiphany means that I am going to continue to enrich my family, elevate my self worth and improve my human experience – in addition to drinking the best beer available, learning even more about rating beer, getting buzzed and having a good time – Chainsaw the Night!

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