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I found understanding home brewing supplies to be somewhat overwhelming in the beginning, and often felt alone in that way. Every time I searched the web for comprehensive information, I found some basic information which led to more and more complicated configurations that I ultimately procrastinated in my homebrewing ventures. If that sounds like a similar experience to yours, allow me to compile a list of the basic homebrewing equipment necessities below, this way, both of us will have a much better understanding of what brewing supplies are required for the novice homebrewer, and maybe we'll inspire each other to brew that perfect beer!

In addition to studying and understanding basic and advanced brewing supplies, in each page I will research and recommend supplies based on quality, price, and good combinations of the two, along with general public opinion on each selection.

But nothing beats personal experience, and I'll post those as well (I do have some and have brewed a few batches and will blend personal experience with research as we go along). And of course if YOU have real experience or personal recommendations, please share with the rest of us by filling out the form below, we'll get a chance to review your suggestions and rate your recommendations (so make them good)!

Let's get started:

- The Brew Kettle (click here for recommendations) is probably one of the most basic necessities for the home brewer, ranging in price from just over $20 to a couple of hundred, depending on size, material and added features. For the home brewer, a simple 5 gallon stainless steel Brew Kettle may be all you need, but getting some advance features from the start might save you money if you feel the need to upgrade later on, and will definitely improve your early homebrewing experience.

- Wort Chillers (click here for recommendations) help cool the wort down to the proper yeast pitching temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit as quickly as possible to avoid bacterial contaminaiton. Ranging from affordable to very expensive, fast to extreme, three types are worth considering including immersion wort chillers, counterflow chillers and plate wort chillers.

- Beer Fermenters (click here for recommendations) Once you've boiled and cooled your wort, it's time to send it to a proper fermentation vessel to allow all the hungry yeast an opportunity to devour their prey with lust and injurious desire!

- Bottling Supplies (click here for recommendations) Now that you've brewed your kickass homebrewed beer - it's time to bottle that delicious poison! Not only is this section filled with recommendations, but it explores in great detail every aspect of a good beer bottling operation.

Thanks for reading in and looking through my list. Stay tuned for more homebrewing topics including beer ingredients and recipes.

And of course feel free to add your homebrewing equipment recommendations below and read through my website for other great beer topics.

Once you've got a good understanding of your brewing supplies needs, visit my home page for more exciting beer topics!

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