Make Money Drinking Beer

I Make Money Drinking Beer

If You Have An Interest You're Passionate About, You Can Make Money Too!

I Make Money Drinking Beer! There it is, I finally said it! And it feels better than a sweet afternoon beer buzz. It took me two years to write this article because I wanted to make sure it worked and I actually got paid, but here it finally is:

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Allow me to take you back in time for a moment: Two years ago on a sunny autumn day, my wife and I were traveling home on our daily 80 mile journey from our nearby work locations in New Jersey to our beautiful home in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania.

As we often do, we were bouncing around ideas on how to make money and get super rich. It's a game we've been playing since the late 1990's and into today. Among some of those ideas were prostitution, managing a professional basketball team, modelling feet and selling Canadian prescription medication to retirement home patients. We laughed uncontrollably as usual and agreed the old folks would be much happier with medical grade cannabis.

Still though, my wife took on a quieter note and asked, "Seriously, what would you like to do to make money." I thought about it and answered, "I want to make money drinking beer!"

She paused for a moment and replied, "You know what, do it! I believe in you. I believe you can make anything possible.You will make money drinking beer!" At that point, we agreed that making money - any kind of money - drinking beer was the true goal.

My wife is a fantastic personal cheerleader, and that evening I went home trying to figure out how to make money drinking beer. I began with the possibility of starting a brewery or growing hops and barley for local brewers, but I wasn't initially excited about the startup costs or the temporal investments; I wanted something simpler that I can do while still keeping my day job.

Over the next several days my mind continued to consider simpler startup ideas on how to make money drinking beer and the next plausible consideration was a low budget version of a beer review magazine. Immediately after that thought I remembered looking into starting a website and placing Google ads to make some extra income. I knew that some of the ads I saw for Google income websites were scams, but the idea on its own is known to work, so at that moment I decided to build a beer review website and place contextual ads for extra income.

My wife was excited for me, but she also raised the concern that I had no idea how to start, design or do anything to get a website running. In the past I half tried with Adobe's GoLive (a rough web design software to start with) and some other WYSIWIG platforms, but just gave up.

This time, I had a purpose. I was to design a website that would Make Money Drinking Beer!!

So after a couple of days of online research, I discovered the tool that would help me make money drinking beer, Site Build It!

Though I like to fantasize about making money, I always do some major homework before investing in anything. I remember those nights where I had my laptop on the kitchen counter just reading as much as I could and thinking that I had read enough, and the next day I purchased a one year subscription.

With Site Build It! you get so much more than just web hosting and a platform. You get actual tools that make your website successful. From the beginning, you watch a series of videos on how to properly use SBI! called the Action Guide - a proverbial 10 Day course which is carried out over multiple weeks.

SBI! Helps you choose the type of business website you'd like to create and write about (not just beer - that was my story), it helps you compile an immense list of valuable keywords for search engine optimization, it helps you understand which of those keywords are more valuable, and it teaches you how to properly utilize targeted keywords throughout your text to get the search engine spiders to send traffic to your site.

Better yet, it teaches you how to write effectively and from the heart. SBI! intelligently shows you how to write about what you know, what you're passionate about, well enough so that when readers are sent to your site from the search engines, they will stay and read more and more pages of your site because they actually like what you're writing. They find value in being your visitor, and if they're interested and you've done your pages well enough, they'll click on some ads, some eBooks your site may be offering, some affiliate links that earn you a commission, or even a product that you want to sell.

There's a good chance you landed on this page by doing a search on money and beer! That's exactly what SBi helps you do!

When I first started writing and building pages on my website, it seemed that nothing was happening. I would get a couple of visitors, maybe one or two a day and I would just try to keep writing as the Action Guide directs. After the 30 page mark and the first couple of months, more and more visitors were visiting my site, and I was having fun drinking lots of beer and writing about it.

As the Action Guide suggested, I stayed clear of monetizing or placing any ads until I had the right mix of visitors and pages. And even then I wasn't getting quite enough visitors (as you'll learn, keywords are the most important part of a website, and most of my beer related keywords were of low value). I kept writing on the site after a while not thinking I would get much out of it, but I did finally make a few dollars one month and told my wife that I accomplished my goal.

It was a celebratory for her, more so than me, because her expectation was only that I make money drinking beer, and I did!

I wrote for a little while longer and was making money from the site, but not as expected. I then decided to continue with the Brainstorming section of Site Build It! (Brainstormer is the seed brain for generating hundreds of keywords for your topic) and used those ideas for another website.

Over time, I began investing more on my other site while ignoring And that's when things started to happen, just on their own. Every month I would get a few more visitors clicking a few more links or a few more ads, and then eventually I started hitting minimum payout marks from Adsense or Infolinks and actual money started coming in! After just letting it sit there without doing anything I began to make money drinking beer!

Well, over a year later, I'm getting back into it! Most successful website publishers who work through SBI!, called SBIers (you'll get to know them in the Forums), write pages constantly and are consistently listed at the top of the search engines for their relative keywords. The more high quality content pages and accompanying media, the more traffic, and the more happy, interested traffic, the more clicks and the more money.

I don't have nearly as many pages as most - especially the folks on the $500 a month club, but I'm excited to do that now. And now that I've started to refocus on this site, my other site has already started making money through my Amazon Associates program.

The bottom line is that Site Build It! is an effective website building machine complete with everything you need not only to build a website, but a successful one. The page writing tools lets you know if you're using too little text, too little keywords, to many keywords and plenty of preview opportunities. The Site Central contains the powerful Brainstomer, Master Keyword List and Biche Choose It! You can manage right columns and select customizable templates, add pages, manage photos and videos, check your traffic stats, go through the action guide or download instructional writing and preselling literature - it's all in there!

Plus, once you have the initial setup, every time you write a page it automatically alerts the search engines that you have a new page, every time!!

Now my wife knows that I make money drinking beer regularly, so I'm allowed to drink even more beer! Plus, this July I took some of those earnings and drove her to Manhattan for the day, enjoying some Transformers in IMAX 3D, going down to South Street Seaport for a thrilling ride on The Shark where we got to see the statue of liberty and the building of the liberty tower while getting splashed, had some great beers at the Heartland Brewery, and went back uptown and enjoyed dinner at Dallas BBQ's with their Texas sized frozen margaritas! (Read about our NYC Daytrip here)

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She absolutely loved that trip, all because some time two years ago we decided I should make money drinking beer!

I Make Money Drinking Beer! Let's celebrate on the Home Page with a good beer selection!

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I Make Money Drinking Beer

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