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Here I offer my personal life stories and invite you to share yours at the bottom of this page. And while it doesn't offer any information about beer, good beer is about celebrating the magic of life and about rejoicing the memories we create and embrace through our personal human experience.

It's also an open and public forum that allows me to capture the highlights of my life before they slowly fade into the cold and unwelcoming darkness of my mind, ultimately falling victims to their inevitable end. In a similar spirit, I've taken thousands upon thousands of photographs and videos throughout my existence, perhaps in an unknowing effort to record what might one day become a black and empty nothingness. In contrast, the surviving images offer bright and luminous representations of my life; visually capturing the fleeting moments and delivering the legacy of what once was a powerful and inspiring entity.

To give more meaning and reference to those images, nothing beats the great life stories in written format. Just this year I started a job that I also quickly left for a start-up environmental engineering firm. In that short time, I made some good friends and told some captivating life stories of my past. Mostly, they were filled with excitement and humor, and it was suggested that I start a blog to commemorate those life experiences. And since I already have a website... here they are!

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Let me tell you about the time I bought a Porsche 928s on eBay - my first car and a superbad monstrous machine!

Throughout my life, I've often found times to reflect and celebrate the magic of my experiences and life stories. Often though, I contemplated on them with an air of wisdom and knowing; a state of mind I'd like to term, "Silver Wisdom." As I look back at time, I feel as though I've lived so extreme and learned so much. And yet at the same time, every year guides me to new experiences that become infinitely more rich and magical than the last, while at times being infinitely more brutal and difficult than before - kicking my ass to the point of humility.

This teaches me that, while we struggle to learn from our human voyage and bring that wisdom into our present and future lives, the continuous unfolding of our reality surprises us in unexpected and unassuming ways. It has the power to lift us into blissful highs, as when I delivered my own daughter under urgent circumstances in a New Jersey hotel room, or crushes us into the dark depths of oblivion, such as my extended unemployment compounded by my wife's car accident.

The element of surprise is perhaps what keeps life interesting and fulfilling, constantly challenging us with the hardships of life. And if we keep fighting, keep true to ourselves and those close to us, push forward and persevere, then the possibility exists in which we will be rewarded with moments so powerful that they briefly allow us to escape the pain of living.

Or we could just crack open a six pack!!

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