This is it; this is the one - The Best Beers list

that offer the very Best Beer Buzz….. in the World!

Welcome and congratulations, you’ve discovered the Best Beers list that offer you the euphoric potential from this magic elixir, researched and developed by the darkest layers of my mind.

What makes a good buzz?

Quality ingredients, clean water and a smooth body in harmony with a respective alcohol content are at the core of a good buzz. Exceptions apply, but this law is solid.

In arriving at this impressive beer list, I noticed that it helps to be American made by American craft brewers. These establishments create their brews with freedom and creativity as well as attention to quality and craftsmanship. The only downside is that a recipe may change either for the purpose of evolution or adaptation for crop growing circumstances.

Imported beers, particularly of European heritage, are bound by tradition and miss out on the evolutionary process. English ales are coming close, but lagers suffer the most.

In my occupation as professional enjoyer of life, it’s important to be happy. So I welcome suggestions for great imported lagers as I continue my search for the best buzz.

Stone Ruination

What makes a bad buzz?

The main offenders are overproduction, preservatives, lack of craftsmanship and the addition of adjuncts including rice and corn.

The most evil of these criminals is the addition of corn based alcohol that cheapens the production and artificially heightens the ABV. While a subjective conclusion, I’ve noticed that corn based ethanol comes in slowly, provides a brief and uninspiring lift, and then turns around leaving behind alcoholic intoxication and a deep resentment for the makers of that beer.

The Best Buzz List

The 90’s Blade Chainsaws

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White Hawk IPA

White Hawk Select IPA - 97 Blade Chainsaw

Stone Ruination IPA

Stone Ruination IPA - 95 Blade Chainsaw

Flying Fish Exit 11

Flying Fish Exit 11 - 95 Blade Chainsaw

Brooklyn Local 1

Brooklyn Local 1 - 91 Blade Chainsaw

Samuel Adams White Ale

Samuel Adams White Ale - 91 Blade Chainsaw

dead guy ale

Rogue Dead Guy Ale - 90 Blade Chainsaw

Unibroue Maudite

Unibroue Maudite - 90 Blade Chainsaw

Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning

Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning - 90 Blade Chainsaw

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - 90 Blade Chainsaw

Samuel Adams Summer Ale - 90 Blade Chainsaw

Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager

Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager - 90 Blade Chainsaw

Victory HopDevil IPA

Victory HopDevil IPA - 90 Blade Chainsaw

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The Method

To learn how I arrived at this Best Beers list, check out The Method

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