Our First Website Income Paid for this NYC Day Trip!

Website Income

My first website income payment was one of the most amazing events since starting up this website. After my wife challenged me to make money drinking beer, I went on a personal crusade to make a few dollars out of enjoying some of the world's most amazing beers.

When I finally got that first payment from Google Adsense into my Paypal account, she congratulated me on making money drinking beer, and I replied by dedicating this money to her birthday - her response was that she wanted to go to New York City!

The NYC Shark

With delight, we took a road trip to Manhattan and parked on the upper west side then headed over to an IMAX theater to see the Transformers in 3D (remember, this was all on her to do list). We took the MTA subway down to the South Street Seaport and ran to catch the Shark - a 135 passenger speed boat aimed at showcasing some of lower Manhattan's features while getting its passengers soaking wet!

Well we missed the 3:00 p.m. launching and had to wait until 4:00, but it gave us time to go across the street and have a couple of amazing Black IPAs, IPAs and Apricot Summer Wheat beers at the Heartland brewery, accompanied of course with some hot buffalo wings.

Heartland Brewery Apricot Ale

After we got a nice toasty buzz, we boarded the Shark with high spirits and joyous celebration. As we traveled through the lower NYC landscape, we were revisiting icons such as the Statue of Liberty while witnessing the construction of the Freedom Tower - all while getting soaked to loud pumping club music.

The thrilling ride left us with feelings of excitement and adventure, and we decided to walk all the way uptown (after a quick subway ride to 34th Street) for her final request, dinner and drinks at Dallas BBQ's where they serve their famous Texas sized frozen Margaritas with choice of test tube tequila shots.

We thought about going to our old spot from our high school days in Central Park, but walked back to the garage to head home and relieve mom-in-law from the torture of our unruly children. During the ride home to the Poconos, my wife went to sleep and I began to think back on the history and desire to earn some website income.

Dallas BBQ

In the beginning, I really had not ideas on how I was going to accomplish this. We were fresh from bouncing around some money making jokes that included managing a professional basketball team and prostitution, but I wanted to take the challenge on seriously.

Some time earlier I thought about generating website income from pre-fabricated Google websites, but found them mostly to be scams. I revisited the idea upon my wife's challenge, and after some research came across Site Build It , a powerful online business building machine that I've yet to fully take advantage of.

Once I started brainstorming keywords with their software, I compiled a master keyword list and put their site building software to work. The subscription includes everything from setting up the mechanics of a website, to alerting the search engines of each new page, to teaching you how to write valuable and readable content your viewers would stick around to read.

After the site was up, I started exploring beer after beer and writing about each one of them with honest and savory intention. Over a short period of time, I had developed a good portfolio of beer reviews, various topics of interest such as brewery tours and beer ingredients, and even suggestions on how to cure and prevent hangovers.

After several months, I got busy with work and began my second mechanical engineering semester, which took up most of my time. I ignored my site for a while and would occasionally come back to see my traffic stats and see if I had accumulated any website income. In the beginning, few people showed up to read my content or click on any ads of interest.

Over more time, I began to notice an uptick not only in traffic, but in visitors interested in reading a few reviews, probably have some laughs, and click on more and more ads relevant to them.

Busy with a layoff, raising three children, looking for work and struggling with my third semester, I finally started seeing some fast numbers just as I started my new job as an environmental specialist.

By the time I finished my third semester, Google Adsense was the first of my advertisers or affiliates to send me a Paypal payment. I ran over to my wife and showed her the transaction and we celebrated with a bottle of fine Belgian Ale and a bottle of champagne.

After that initial payment, I'm back to writing more and more content and enjoying more and more beers. And while I've already started receiving more website income from other affiliates like Amazon and Infolinks, that first payment will be a memorable one. After all, I did get lucky that night!

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