Beer Bottle Tree - Great for drying beer bottles, fun to look at if you like ugly crap!

Beer bottle trees are perfect for drying your beer bottles while getting them ready for storing your perfect homebrewed beers - and they're absolutely awesome to look at, if you like super ugly crap!

There really isn't much to cover or recommend when considering one of these trees for your beer bottles, but it's worthy to note that the 45 count bottle holder is going to be rather large and surprisingly sturdy, as opposed to the much taller 90 count beer bottling tree.

This usually comes to homebrewers as a gift from their girlfriends or wives that just hate having to share the kitchen dish dryer, so they end up getting this for their homebrewing loved ones and never regret it.

It is rather large and the base takes up quite a bit of space, but there isn't a better solution for this as it makes good use of its vertical space. The beer bottling tree also comes apart for easy storage and can disappear from the counter in between bottling batches.

These trees are definitely going to make your bottling experience better, but a couple of things to keep in mind:

- the 45 count isn't going to be enough for your 5 gallon batch, so save some 22 ounce bombers and use a few of them in your bottling mix.

- Sanitize the bottles! It's not enough to just wash them, even if you're using a Jet Carboy & Bottle washer rinser. A good sanitizer that's used by professionals is the Iodophor Sanitizer.

- Another item to consider to make sanitizing easier is the Avvinatore Vinator, it fills the bottle with some sanitizing solution and preps it for the bottle tree, so it's worth considering for an extra few bucks.

So go ahead and spend the few bucks on this beer bottling tree, it's useful, convenient, and ugly as hell - but at least you can store it in between batches!

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