Beer Bottle Openers

The best beer bottle openers are the ones that get you immediate access to your beer! I have a few bottle openers at home, and my favorite one comes from Acapulco; in the shape of a foot and complete with waves and a magnet. The best part is the magnet because it attracts nicely to my master bedroom refrigerator, where I consume my private stock.

If you're not looking at can openers or cork wine bottle openers, then you basically have two types of openers, the classic crown cork bar blade simple opener and the wall mounted bottle opener. The classic wall mounted bottle opener has been a mainstream at bars worldwide, and you can almost guarantee that every home has a simple opener.

But what I like about them is that they've gotten real creative with not only the marketing approach, but also the slight reinventions like the beer bottle cap catchers or the ring bottle openers. Some of them come with handles in the shape of screwdrivers, and others are sophisticated and classy, such as the stainless steel bottle openers.

I've always loved my magnetic bottle opener that has been on the side of my refrigerator for years, but I wouldn't mind investing in a wall mounted bottle opener one day, especially once I get my brewing bar all set up.

The one type of bottle opener I should get right now is the key chain bottle opener. I may have had one or two in the past, but I miss them when I'm at a hotel room with some fine brew and no bottle openers. I hate to admit it, but I may have left some scuff marks at the edges of hotel room night stands. But without a beer bottle opener, you have to get creative when opening your beer!

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