Beer Bottle Caps - Are there any differences?

Beer bottle caps - are there any differences? The answer is yes, but the details surprised me. Apparently, there's a big market out there for bottle cap home craft and jewelry making, and they tend to cost about the same if not more than bottle caps for beer.

But there are two main considerations for home craft brewers bottling their own beers.

#1: Caps must be labeled Oxygen Abosrbent to keep oxygen out and carbon dioxide in. If they're not labeled as such, then they're most likely the jewelry and craft bottle caps. Without the proper oxygen absorbing barriers, you risk your precious homebrewed beers going flat and stale while aging or merely storing.

#2: Price: beer bottle caps shouldn't cost that much - even with their oxygen absorbing capabilities, your still going to end up popping them open and throwing them away. They should therefore be priced for their disposable nature. Hands down, has the best prices, usually in the range of $6 to $8 for 144 of them, about one third the price of craft brewing supply stores (and even craft jewelry supply stores).

After that, pick your colors in Gold, Silver or black and you're all set.

This was a pretty simple research project, but one interesting thing I found on this search was this set of Silicone Bottle Caps. I often find myself getting to the point late at night where I've opened up that last bottle of beer and decided I'm just about ready to pass out. Instead of letting the air and environment spoil the good brew, these little reusable silicon caps help prevent bacteria from getting into the beer from the air. It doesn't do that well at preserving carbonation, but it could just be good enough to last one more night!

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